The ultimate sport & lodging experience

The Sportpro Lodge & Accommodation offers the ultimate sport & lodging experience. The lodge was designed especially for touring teams from around the world. The lodge comes standard with a training facility which covers multiple sports, a gym, recovery centre, and entertainment to occupy your time when you are free.


– 24 hour security
– Guard house
– Safe secure parking
– DSTV & Open HD
– Fully equipped kitchen
– Catering options available
– Dining room
– Laundry
– Presentation room

Theo Wife flower

For our beautiful lodge

Our beautiful gardens of which we are very proud was the inspiration of Gwen Janse van Rensburg who tragically passed away on 31 October 2020. Our sincere thanks to Fanie Haarhoff, a dear friend of Gwen who has since her untimely passing ensured that her vision for our garden was implemented.

Fanie has since developed the beauty and tranquility in our garden which also now attracts an abundance of bird life at the lodge.

This photograph is of the flower on a lemon tree from her personal garden at home which Gwen gifted to the lodge. (Her home garden which won numerous awards displayed over 350 indigenous flower & tree varieties)

The tree now grows outside unit #17. We will forever be thankful for her love of gardening and the vision she had for our beautiful lodge. May she forever RIP in the garden of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Sportpro Lodge & Accommodation offers the following functions:
We are also open to hosting other type of events as per an agreement

Touring Groups


Team Building

Year End Parties

Birthday Parties

Celebratory Events

Get the ultimate sport & lodging experience

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